Digital Detox these holidays

Day-to-day life in Australia brings high levels of stress with 1 000 000 adults experiencing depression each year and over 2 000 000 experiencing anxiety, according to Beyond Blue. However, this time of year sees stress levels soar through

the roof and technology seems to exacerbate the problem.Technological advancements haveseen amazing innovations in medicine,education, business and the number of Internet users has grown at an increasingly rapid rate. There are

currently 13.3 million Internet subscribers in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. An area of concern which needs greater research is the effect of technologyon health due to excessive radiation levels. When it comes to

technology, the greatest epidemic in this modern age is the inability to ‘switch off’. While some people ‘get away from it all’ and go on holidays, it is not feasible for the average person to escape the perils of technology. To counteract the extra

stress over Christmas and New Year and the excessive eating, carry out a digital detox. The thought of a digital detox might send some people over the edge, especially if they cannot bear the thought of going without their mobile phone or

social media, but it is all in the planning. If you are the type of person that cannot afford to have time away from technology, do small things to reduce your technology usage. Small actions can go a long way in creating a big impact on your

life. Sleep with the mobile phone out ofyour room. Having your mobile phone in the room interrupts sleep and emits harmful radioactive waves. Implement one day of the week or afternoon where you go technology free, e.g technology-free-

Tuesday or taketime-out-from-technology-Thursday. There are a number of products on the market to reduce radiation emitted from products, such as antiradiation necklaces, anti-radiationmobile phone patches and more. Turn off power

on your appliances at night and cut down daily use on socialmedia. Watch less television each day and spend more time cultivating relationships, being out in nature and being creative. By carrying out a digital detox, you are making more

room to socialise, becreative, have fun and reduce undue worry and angst over the Christmas season.


helen-anderson  – Helen Anderson

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